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June is Gay and Lesbian Pride Month. This is the moment when people who belong to the GLBT or Gay, Lesbians, Bisexuals and Transgender community stand up for their pride. This will surely be a colorful celebration and promotional products that will highlight the importance of the GLBT community to the world. This is also the ideal moment for these people to speak out what they believe in and what they stand for.
You think among the glamour and glitz of a smashing Gay Resources event that things could not get any more shiny. As your San Diego Gay Travel Examiner discovered for himself, it is always possible to add more sparkle. Combine that with an amazing rock group like Shiny Toy Gun, and you have a mind-blowing experience.
Stonewall Upraising attempts to bring the struggles of the gay community and its social movement into historical perspective. The film is based on David Carters “Stonewall: The Riots That Sparked the gay Revolution.” Without spoiling the film for those who have not seen it I will address the hardships director s Kate Davis and David Heilbroner had in getting this documentary filmed.
Bible-believing churches need to spend more time demonstrating love to longtime members and newcomers. Most of the time people beat themselves up enough for their own mistakes. No one needs additional shame invoked on them.
The heavyweight fight dribbled down into subplots of fights, both within the cast physically and mentally. A dozen fights went on in this Mad Men episode, with the heavyweight title as the main background theme.
Meg is the families outcast. She is mostly forgotten about, or pointed out as being the one member in the family they wish they never had. Although she is primarily a boring character, Meg has moments that have left me giggling till I nearly pissed. One particular episode Meg decided to pretend to be a free live lesbian cam just so she could make friends with a gay group of children in school. Besides being an outcast at home, Meg is also a giant loser in school.
How long has this reverend been spouting this stuff? I’ll tell you – – 20 years – – and Barack Obama has been sitting in the pew the whole time listening. Any amount of time listening to this and you’d think a man aspiring to be president would distance himself immediately from such a damaging association and find another church. This will not die out – – Obama is finished and no statement of condemnation or explanation will help him.
Here’s how you can help, Ms. Eisenberg. Quit. Step down from your job. Right now. And go try to find a new one where you actually have to interview for a position. Go be on the other side of the table and see how it feels to have your potential employer not only not listen to you, but publicly mock you after you speak. Of course, you won’t do it.
But the larger the family, the more likely there will be one or two or more. I cringe when mine gets together. It can also include the bizarre in-laws. I have a few that I could write a book (or article) about. They are rude, obnoxious, arrogant, and distasteful. But they are also fairly rich so that makes it okay. After all, don’t the wealthy get a free pass? They can screw up and say the most outrageous things and get away with it. It reminds me of Mel Gibson or someone famous that tears apart a whole segment of society. But they are just being “insensitive” or a little “politically incorrect,” so what the heck? Look at all the money and fame they have that makes it all okay to say what ever comes to mind?
BHO: True again, but I’ve broken so many promises already, would anyone really notice, or care? I’ve said a lotta stuff and I’m between that rock and that hard place. Even a messiah can change his mind, right?