Every Child Deserves Unconditional Love

Netbooks came and went, but NOW it’s time for a new breed of machines to take their place: Tablet netbooks! Versatile, useful, small and portable, these little hypnotic machines are taking over everybody’s hearts and minds by force! And yes, I’m talking about THE force…of technology!
South or Market residents can easily participate in this important event. On the day the decision is released, a rally will begin at City Hall 5 p.m., followed by a march to the Martin Luther King Jr. Memorial in Yerba Buena Gardens in SoMa.
It seems to me also, that this section of the bookstore has its own story to tell as well. This section exists in it’s own world. It is separate in its location. When asked where I could locate gay and lesbian literature, I expected to be taken to a “back room”, like that of the x-rated video sections at the video store. But having its own section without being hidden in a dark area of the store has a story to tell as well. Society is becoming a little more accepting and the gay and lesbian webcam sex culture is being funneled into the mainstream.
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She went on winning 9 Wimbledonians (a record number!) Martina officially retired at 1994 but did come back to win her third mixed doubles title. By the end of her pro career she won 56 Grand Slam championships, second to only Margaret Court. She is today busy playing at the Legends Tour and active in numerous charities for children, animal rights and lesbian webcam rights. She has a new book out called Shape Your Self and is a commentator for some tennis matches in TV.
So, after you’ve filed your taxes by Wednesday afternoon, come on out to one of the locations where members of the LGBT community, along with plenty of straight folks like us, will gather to tell our neighbors that we believe in equal rights for everyone.
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Leaving this poor attempt at snarkiness aside, the bottom line is that this urban city is super-duper liberal. In fact, it’s more liberal than Detroit from an economic standpoint, a social standpoint, and a cultural standpoint. You’re typical authoritarian reactionary from the South wouldn’t live here for a million dollars. This city is the absolute antithesis of everything Conservatism Inc. claims is noble, right, and true. Free enterprise? The only enterprise this city sees is when it watches Star Trek. Civil society? We don’t privilege heteronormativity in this town you bigoted Bible-thumpers.
What’s below the surface can not hurt you any more than the clothes hanging in your closet can. Just turn the light of consciousness on and take the time to sit with what you find. Just look at it, observe it, say “I see you.” And then love it for the purpose it served in your life, mine the gem that is yours to keep and then simply let it go.