Gay Marriage Not Allowed; Lesbian Marriages Okay?

I meet women each day that must suppress their dreams, cry each night because they are unhappy, and they lack the confidence to take one step. Do you realize that fear is a negative energy that can turn any GREAT thing or idea into a sour after taste?
No wonder everyone votes down every gay and this post marriage issue. People are tired of it. Now the gay women do not go around doing this do they? No it is only the childish men, the younger gays, who just will not leave it alone. Why is that? Why can’t they control themselves? Why do they go around picking fights? Why do they threaten businesses and people who do not agree with them? Tolerance is one thing, but in your face, dare you not to hit me, is another, quite another.
Chartered by the San Francisco Democratic Party, affiliated with the Irish American Caucus of the California Democratic Party, member, United Irish Societies.
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You know, the truth is…the fact that Barry and Bette and I have been pursuing our art for 40 years is fantastic – particularly in an age where people seem to just be piled up on 15 minutes of fame. It’s remarkable that our journey has turned into what it has…it’s fantastic, really!
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