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It was bound to happen, and now that it has, a huge debate has erupted over the place of transgendered women in MMA. Fallon Fox revealed that she is transgendered on Tuesday, even though she wasn’t sure she was quite ready to do so.
Keep Priorities: Recently at the beach, I saw an attractive guy with a great physique — smoking! If you work out, eat right, and then undermine yourself with smoking, drinking, or drugging to excess, you will be pretty on the outside but unhealthy on the inside. Not a good combination. Consider the whole package of what makes you feel good, look good, and BE good in terms of your internal health. Engage in any debauchery in relatively small doses of “selective hedonism” and practice Harm Reduction whenever you indulge any vices (email me for more information on the Harm Reduction work I do with my clients).
I went to a public high school, where probably sixty percent of my friends came out as gay, live sex shows for free, or bisexual… including my still best friend, Kim. A lot of these friends were “out” to each other, but seemed to be anxious about letting much of anyone else know. I had one friend, Travis, who came out as gay during our junior year. Once he was out, everyone’s “suspicions” were confirmed, and he was open about it. He’s the only one who was that open about it.
Designer Alexander McQueen also committed suicide in February 2010. The designer to the stars hung himself in London after battling depression and being despondent over the death of his mother.
I’ve been to other family picnics, barbeques, and weddings. Invariably, someone will pull me aside and point out their “pariah.” It can be the “gay cousin,,” the “anti-social brother” the “gossipy-aunt” or the “grandfather -from-hell” that hates everyone. They then proceed to tell me the latest incident which made them infamous and had them earn their nickname. They are probably wondering if their family is the only one with wacko relatives.
Another comment of his dealt with Palin’s espousal of “small town values”. Powell went on to say that “most of us don’t live in small towns”, and that he was raised in the South Bronx. What’s his point? If you watch the interview on YouTube, it’s obvious that her remark centered on the average person that doesn’t live in a metropolitan area. Powell seemed to take umbrage with that, almost deriding her remark. If he doesn’t believe in small town values, then how important are Iowa and New Hampshire in the campaign scheme of things?
Being a female in the military was not very popular with many of the seasoned male veterans either. If we could not carry heavy gear by ourselves, we “shouldn’t be allowed in the military.” However, if that same man could not pick it up, another man would take the other side and, in a spirit of cooperation, move it together. And of course there were major issues of sexual harassment take a look at the site here with which to contend.
Judging by the majority of Natalie Portman fans, and the buzz the lesbian kiss received, we’re guessing that more fans will nominate Natalie and Mila over Natalie and Ashton. You may check out both kisses in the video player to the left. The first video is not the official trailer but a fan created video that highlights the lesbian scenes between Natalie Portman and Mila Kunis.
I had never written about love in the context of “the infinite complexities of this unique human emotion.” There are sex scenes in my novels tamed down by the moral code my mother left to me.
We spend three billion dollars a week for the war in Iraq. This country is so far in debt, and is fighting so many wars (drugs, sex, immigration et al) within it’s own borders that I fear it may someday collapse in on itself and become the Fractured States of America. Civilizations rise and fall.