How To Start Gay Pride In Your Town

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As a female teacher, I feel the need is even greater. When I studied for my teaching diploma, I worked in a project called Creative Thinking. We worked in pairs and one day my partner could not come and I had to ask someone to teach with me in her place. The first time this happened, I took my boyfriend, who was not a teacher. He was scared and said, “But I don’t know what to do”, and I remember telling him, “Just be there and I’ll handle everything”. So he came and all the kids went to him and did all they could to get his attention.
Topics of the week discussed was mostly about the Prime Minister’s defeat in the commons and the Race Riots in France. So it was an Interesting show to watch…But what left me upset and angry was the fact that as a Black man living in the UK and knowing what I know about Racism, Discrimination, Cultures and Life as a whole…I was struck by just how backward this country truly is.
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I am reminded of three of my favorite high school teachers who were awesome human beings and deserved to marry someone wonderful, but somehow they got stuck being single. So, I asked myself, if they couldn’t get married, than who is? I’m talking about people who get married before age 30 and are located in the Silicon Valley and the San Francisco Bay Area, not people who are located in Salt Lake City, Utah, or the remote countryside in Oregon.
Chartered by the San Francisco Democratic Party, affiliated with the Irish American Caucus of the California Democratic Party, member, United Irish Societies.
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