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On a beautiful Saturday morning I attended Supervisor John Avalos’ first Town Hall meeting at the Excelsior Youth Center. The crowd was very large with residents of all ages.
How long take a look at the site here has this reverend been spouting this stuff? I’ll tell you – – 20 years – – and Barack Obama has been sitting in the pew the whole time listening. Any amount of time listening to this and you’d think a man aspiring to be president would distance himself immediately from such a damaging association and find another church. This will not die out – – Obama is finished and no statement of condemnation or explanation will help him.
gay Pride’s largest dance party will be held @ Sobe club, Saturday June 25th 2011 It is the Official Pride Houston GLBT pride parade after party. DJ RILEY (Chicago) will be playing all the current Pop, Top 40 & Dance Videos from opening and into the extended after hours of 5am. DJ Riley is well known for his very own produced one-of-a kind videos. Live show at 1:00 am – Price: $15 in advance / $20 at the door. Available at South Beach, JR’s Bar & Grill, Meteor, Male Uwear and Hollywood Super Center.
So here I am with about 33,398 men. Well, that seems like quite a large sea to fish in, right? Except there is more to consider. Let’s not forget the “non-negotiables” that have nothing to do with the aforementioned. Important ones for me: no beer-belly, a good cook, a good sense of humor, a non-slob, appreciative of music/film/art, intelligence, and someone who is okay with not having any more children. Although it should go without saying, chemistry is also extremely important. How many men in this pool of 33,298 will meet ALL of my non-negotiables? Oh, maybe 30% or about 10,019.4 of them.
Kids are required, by law, to get an education. Not doing so, results in truancy, as most of us know. At any rate, if kids are required to get an education, and some of those have to go to a public school to do so, shouldn’t they (LGBT and straight kids alike,) have the good feeling of knowing that they are safe from being discriminated against, and from being bullied? You’d think so, right?
Adam Lambert has been out of the closet from the beginning. However, his performance at the AMA awards, that included kissing a male dancer and simulating oral sex, caused backlash that he’s still recovering from. Singer Lance Bass came out as gay, but his career has not picked up steam since his days with ‘N Sync.
Meg is the families outcast. She is mostly forgotten about, or pointed out as being the one member in the family they wish they never had. Although she is primarily a boring character, Meg has moments that have left me giggling till I nearly pissed. One particular episode Meg decided to pretend to be a watch live lesbian sex here just so she could make friends with a gay group of children in school. Besides being an outcast at home, Meg is also a giant loser in school.
I provided support and assistance, and performed for, high-ranking military and political officials, heads-of-states, and foreign dignitaries, including the late Pope John Paul II on his visit to the United States. I proudly sang our National Anthem a capella at various military functions, as well as at Major League Baseball and National Hockey League games. I was fortunate enough to be able to perform with a variety of musical artists and groups to bring smiles to audiences everywhere. I had the opportunity to become the first NON-instrumentalist to learn to play and perform on steel drums with the Navy Steel Drum Band touring throughout the United States.
That must be one of the complexities of love that our webmaster was talking about. She felt guilty for loving a man other than her late husband. Love can come on fast and threaten stable relationships. Infatuation quickly turns to love. It’s the nature of the beast. So we must be careful what we do when we feel these urges of infatuation that lead to love. But if we are free and easy, we shouldn’t worry about past relationships. We should not feel guilty for being in love. We should enjoy the springtime. And age doesn’t count.