Sexual Communication 101: Barb Gets The Scoop On Lesbian Love Talk January 10Th

Where are all of the men in Houston? I’ve been pondering this a lot lately. Today’s article is based upon my philosophical, statistical, and social reflections which ultimately paint a bleak picture. Scientific? No. Helpful? Extremely. What is my theory? In dating after divorce, a good match is absolutely, positively, insanely difficult to find. No, this is not a news flash for those of us in the trenches. However, my percentages and break-downs of why it is so difficult will give you some reassurances. You aren’t being picky, you are being patient.
What: Literary Death Match is a mix of four writers who perform their writing before a audience and a panel of three all-star judges. After a pair of readings judges take turns spouting commentary about each story, each focusing on one of three categories: literary merit, performance and intangibles. They then select their favorite of the two writers to advance to the finals.
Felons. Prostitutes. People who are lesbian webcams, gay, bisexual, or transgender. People who are homeless or experiencing crisis in their lives. Murders. Sex offenders. People who beg for money. Abusers. Drunk drivers. Alcoholics. Addicts. Gluttons. People who are unmotivated. Work-a-holics. Dead-beat dads. Neglectful moms. Bratty children. Obnoxious teenagers. Pot heads. Gambling addicts. People with mental illness. Welfare recipients. Your rude next door neighbor. The creepy guy who lives down the street. Wal-Mart shoppers. The sexually-immoral. Thieves. Adulterers. Blind people. The financially irresponsible. Bad drivers.
Women were not allowed to serve in combat, and were denied assignment to many duty stations. We were not afforded the same opportunities in job choices in those days. Those of us who were more vocal about wanting her response equality in the ranks were seen as feminist radicals. When we became pregnant, even though married, we were required to request a waiver to stay in service.
Even though it’s coming to an end it’s impact will live on. The lesbian-themed drama that made it’s debut in January of 2004 has a very devoted fan following from all over the world.
What to Wear: Bring an umbrella (always bring one – it’s a walking city and you don’t want to get caught in the rain), and bring layers. In May, a light spring jacket or a mid-weight sweater is probably the heaviest thing you’ll need. You won’t need these in June. Bring some shorts/skirts and hope for great weather. Otherwise, you can always buy anything warmer that you’ll need. If caught in heavier rain, remember that many pharmacies in Manhattan sell plastic rain ponchos for twelve dollars or less: you may not like the color but at least you’ll be dry.
Try to get at least one local band that will play music at your Pride. There are LGBTQ music groups that will play at pride festivals but most of the time, they require a fee. If you can afford it, get one of those bands or get a local band that is known for being gay friendly.
A nation cannot be clean, before God, if it handles the unclean thing. When are we going to realize that the unclean thing is anything that is an abomination to God? “So is this people, and so is this nation before me, saith the LORD; and so is every work of their hands; and that which they offer there is unclean.” God will not be part of uncleanly-ness or unrighteousness. A nation of reprobate people cannot stand before God and then desire that their prayers be answered.
We have Equality Organizations; Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, and Transgender (LGBT) Centers; and Gay Radio stations amongst others that represent the LGBT community but they need support to spread the word and do their job. If you want things to change (and fair enough if you are happy as is!) you have to ask for what you want, need, and wish for!