Single Ladies Showcase Your Pride

So, I am reading this book called, “50 Ways to Support Lesbian and Gay Equality.” I am half way through, and I just got to the part about LGBT equality in schools.
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Ricky Martin announced on his website that he is gay. For many people it was not a shock, but it was an important step for Martin. Martin also released a memoir in 2010.
I’ve entered the EPPIES three times, and been a finalist three times. The second time one of my books was an EPPIE finalist, I made some wisecrack in an author’s egroup about how “finalist” is a synonym for “loser” and was raked over the coals.
So rather than you having to find a good looking lesbian that is interested in getting together just because you’re both gay, you will be able to find a lot of lesbians with lots of interests. Then you can get yourself set up with the right kind of lesbian dating that you want.
Everyone is welcome at Chi-Town Squares. In addition, the atmosphere is smoke and alcohol free, and there is no dress code. Afraid to go because you don’t have a partner? Don’t be. Couples and singles will find people to dance with. You don’t have to bring blog link a partner.
As I was reading about rallying for LGBT equality and the right to not be harassed in schools, I came across a startling and disturbing statistic. When this book was published in 2005 (not sure of the statistic 4 years later,) there were no laws prohibiting LGBT discrimination in schools… in 42 states! What… the… hell? This makes my blood boil.
The Dragon Boat Festival is another one you don’t want to miss. Dragon boat teams from around the world cut through the waters of False Creek to the beat of drummers drumming.
We spend three billion dollars a week for the war in Iraq. This country is so far in debt, and is fighting so many wars (drugs, sex, immigration et al) within it’s own borders that I fear it may someday collapse in on itself and become the Fractured States of America. Civilizations rise and fall.