Sudden Lesbian Syndrome

We all know of the great divide between gays and lesbians versus the huge number of people who are opposed to gay/lesbian marriages. I think that the gay world did a lousy job of selling the idea of g/l marriage. Little recognition was taken of the centuries of hallowed tradition behind the word marriage. A hornet’s nest was stirred up because the word marriage carries with it so many levels of sanctity, religiosity, mythology, and yes, fear.
Websites such as Date com and PerfectMatch help you in your quest for love, but it can be scary to talk to a person you’ve never me before! So, here’s how to stay safe in the online dating scene. After all, you probably don’t want to go on a blind date, so why date a stranger who you know nothing about? Here are some tips to help you out.
Yet another bias that some agencies are guilty of is their preference for straight couples and individuals. For example, Florida and Utah have specific restrictions that will not allow gay or lesbian live sex couples to adopt a child.
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And perhaps nowhere else in the world will you find more choices for your wedding than in Las Vegas. It’s the true wedding capital. Made famous by a variety of high-profile celebrity weddings and its own courting of the engaged (and impetuous) set, Las Vegas is known perhaps more for its weddings than anything else. Add to that the ability to get a marriage license 24 hours a day and no requirement for a blood test or waiting period, and you have the recipe for wedding central.
Now it is time to seduce married women. Begin replying to your messages. These married women want three things from you, on the whole: someone who can be discreet, someone who has a personality, and someone who only wants a casual encounter. So remember to put on these things into your responses to them. An example reply might be,”Hi, thanks for your message. You’re so pretty I had a heart palpitation looking at your pic! I’m looking for someone who just wants a casual fling, nothing more. I also need to be discreet because I have a girlfriend. If it sounds like fun message me back.” This will get you lots of replies.