Lesbian Parenting – How You Can Come To Your Children

Hi John. I just read your recent posts on your spiritual journey thus far, and I found them to be very interesting reading. I do appreciate your honesty in sharing your beliefs, and I also appreciate the fact that you have been willing to hear me out as I explain my own firmly-held convictions. Like you, I am not out to change your mind, or anyone else’s. My goal is to present a Christian’s view of things honestly and respectfully, and readers can take it or leave it as they wish. I am not about arguing at all. It is not up to me to change anyone’s mind about anything; I leave that in God’s hands. It is, however, my responsibility to share with others what I believe God has placed on my heart to share, and I do this with a prayer for His guidance and wisdom.
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People like the security of a group. That’s why they join cults, right? But at what point does one’s group identity become so fixed that no one can break ranks? Here is a revolutionary idea – how about we talk to each other? As any good address knows, this isn’t our area of strength. Whether we’re at a lesbian bar, a queer gender-bending burlesque show, or on the streets of Andersonville-Dyke City we don’t talk. We glance. We glance again. We wonder if she caught our eye. And that’s when we’re interested. And then we transfer our sophisticated dating tactics into friendship mode and close off chance conversations for the protection of the tribe. Let’s not.
I wonder if Jamie felt different. lesbian webcam adults often report that before they discovered their sexual orientation, they felt different as a child or teen. It was an inexplicable difference, one not understood. And while feeling different doesn’t predict sexual orientation, it often feels lonely.
Shift #3: Do you have a role-model or someone you can emulate? Did you have a great role-model growing up or at least one you could relate to? Well, it’s a pretty powerful thing when you can look up to someone who has succeeded in an area that you are trying to master.
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